chemistry in nutrition and medicine

Directions: Respond to the questions below.

What are micronutrient minerals?  Which one must be listed on a Nutrition Facts label?
What are the products formed by digestion of the following nutrients? 


What happens to the human thyroid gland if a person has an iodine deficiency?  What is this condition called?  What is the link between this problem and iodized salt?
A blood serum cholesterol level of 200 mg/100 mL is supposed to give a low heart disease risk level.  How much total cholesterol would be carried by the blood serum of an adult with a blood volume of 12 pints? (1 pint = 473 mL)
For what disease or condition is each of the following classes of drugs used? 


What two classes of natural biomolecules require receptors for their actions?
What is the function of the hormone progesterone?
What are the three modes of treatment for cancer?

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