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You will prepare and submit a term paper on ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Information Security Controls al affiliation Information security controls Introduction Nickannys Treasures (NT) is a company that majors in reselling of different particulars to retailers. This technique has thrived in the business world where products are sent to Amazon for reselling. From the description and the objectives of the company, it is evident that most transactions are done online. The security may be said that it lies at the brim of being bleached because hackers are eyeing and targeting the passwords used by companies that do most transactions online. Therefore, security control measure needs to be applied in order to secure the information and details of the company. Information security controls mostly advices on how to ensure the database of the company is safe, and the passwords are strong enough. This article will reflect the ISC found at NT Company.The company is run by the owner together with his wife (co-worker). Records are kept well showing the descriptions matching the price of every product in the company’s database for proper control, and a very systematic way of running the company smoothly. However, there is a weakness of tracking the records of the company because the owner admitted she is not on top as far as keeping track and keeping a list of the inventories. For any business to thrive there has to be a well kept record in the business for all inventories. Additionally, there is segregation of duties that has aided in easing the operation of the company. Most of the purchases are done by the owner of NT. Quality goods are bought, and this ensures that the customers are satisfied with the goods. Amazon had earlier issued a password to them where they made small changes to the password. There is no proper application of policies related to passwords. Guessing this password is not a difficult thing to those who has hidden agendas. The risk of interfering with their security is very high. Maximum protection can be increased if all passwords in the company are update and changed to stronger ones.Current technology is being used in running the company hence promoting security of information as all records are kept in the computer, and the confidential information is sent to the company’s database. The use of QuickBooks establishes a proper way of controlling the cash, and this ensures no fraudulent action happens in the company as there are individuals who are accountable for every receipt. However, the owner admitted again that she is not on top as far as keeping track and keeping a list of the inventories. Most of the time, she use the check to pay the cost of goods sold to the credit card company without checking the book records, portrays poor record keeping and the company may end up paying more than what is required hence lowering the profits accrued.According to the owner, the network used in the company is more secure because not everyone can access the network. In most cases, when the computer is connected to the network, most people will see you when you are online, and people can access your information hence providing maximum security to the information of the company. All records are controlled from the desk of the owner. Both the owner and the co-owner are the people who are also responsible in accessing the cash records, cheques and inventories if the company. From this situation, the security is atleast taken care of.
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