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This assignment aims to learn how to do basic geographic location research, examine cost and competitor information, and then apply what you have learned to a real-world issue. You will then make a recommendation for strategic action to senior organizational leadership. This will be done using slides and a video presentation.
You will assume your boss has come to your workgroup and shared the idea that she wants to expand her businesses into a new geographic area. She now owns three companies: a dental clinic, a medical clinic, and an eye clinic. She has asked you to research and recommend whether she should move forward with setting up new locations for these businesses. She tells you she is intrigued by serving the St. Paul, Minnesota, Union Park neighborhood. To succeed, she says each company would need a site with high auto traffic counts, high visibility, and easy access. She would like you to pick one of these businesses to research and then present two possible specific locations. One site should be leased space, and one site should be land to build on. The square footage of the building space would be 4000 to 6000 for each business type. Use 5000 square feet for planning and cost purposes.
Key components of your research include:
Checking county, city, and Metropolitan Council zoning regulations. Explicitly checking for the types of use allowed, lot size needed, maximum building size, setbacks, parking requirements, easements, and access points, as well as the approval process and timeline.Researching and locating any competitors within a three-mile radius of each site, then plotting them on a map.Pricing the cost of a lease and build out of space as well as a purchase of land and construction of the building plus parking and other lot expenses. Include price and restrictions on signage in your research.She would like the new business to be up and running within one year, even sooner if possible.
Please include a list of 5-7 final recommendations. Please include a slide that documents the sources that support your analysis. Plagiarism Free Papers
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