chaucer s tale discussion posts

Use examples from the passage only
No outside sources
Cite in mla
1-3 well supported paragraphs

What seems to you to be Chaucer’s attitude toward book learning in this tale? Does he favor any other kind of education?

Why do you think Alison is the only character who receives no punishment in this tale?

John the carpenter, Absolon and Nicholas all seem to exemplify different types of foolishness. Does Chaucer seem to mock one more than the others? Which character, if any, seems to elicit Chaucer’s sympathy? Which elicits your sympathy?

Using the criteria for judging the tales established by the host (CT Prologue 790-800), should The Miller’s Tale be considered a good story? Why? Use specific details to support your answer.

Here is the link for the readings:…
Please cite any examples in original text which is the Bold wording.
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