chapter 15 skills building

According to your text, “Grand openings of stores and hotels can be pretty dull and generate a collective yawn from almost every journalist in town. So how do you come up with something new and different?Write a memo to your VP of public relations. A new science museum is opening in downtown Daytona Beach, FL She has suggested using a celebrity, but this can be costly and risky. Using the textbook in Section 15.8.1 as a guide, make a realistic recommendation on a person/group and include a variety of detailed information including: the name and background of a specific celebrity, why they should be engaged, what they will do, how you think the guests would react, if you will sell tickets, what will be the program, how this celebrity fits with your target audience, how you will measure success etc. You may develop other questions as well.Be sure that you organize each of these answers in separate paragraphs and justify each one.
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