Chapter 10 focuses on personality theory and the assessment …

Chapter 10 focuses on personality theory and the assessment …

Chapter 10 focuses on personality theory and the assessment of personality. Personality assessments are tests designed to measure personality and identify personality types. They are used for a variety of purposes, from diagnosing psychological problems to screening candidates for college or employment. Personality tests are typically either self-report inventories or projective tests (ambiguous images/stimuli to assess an individual’s unconscious fears, desires, and challenges). 
For this project students are to choose a personality test discussed in the textbook or within the course, conduct further research to learn about its development and use, then synthesize this information into a PowerPoint presentation. Specifically, students are to do the following:

Identify whether the test is projective or a self-report inventory.
Describe the test’s development, including when it was developed, by whom, from what theoretical orientation (if applicable).
Describe the test and how it measures personality.
Explain the test’s intended utility and whether it is still being used for that purpose, as well as discussing how, if at all the current utility is different from the original.
Offer your analysis/evaluation of the test and share whether you think it is an accurate assessment of personality (being sure to inform your opinion with academic literature).

1. The project should be no fewer than 8 slides long (not including title page and reference page slides). Each slide to include pertinent information on the topic and in-text citations for information presented therefore, in-text citations are included on each slide.
2. The presentation should indicate a strong understanding of personality theory and the assessment chosen.
3. The presentation should follow APA formatting guidelines, including using a scholarly/formal tone and grammar/spelling conventions.
4. Pictures and illustrations should be included where appropriate, and should enhance the content, rather than being simply decorative. Fonts/backgrounds used should not interfere with the ability to read the content.
5. The presentation should include in-text citations for all factual information from peer-reviewed sources (e.g., academic journals, textbooks) and include a reference page providing information for the cited material. Please note: websites are not acceptable sources for this assignment.

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