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Use the goal of change sleep pattern and the following guiding questions to write two separate two page paper.

Part 1: Psych
In a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced) – Thoroughly respond to the following questions (in paragraph form).

What do you want to change?
What made you aware of the behavior being a problem needing to be addressed?
How is the behavior under your control; what gives you (not someone or something else) the power to change the behavior?
Why are you convinced that you can undergo this change on your own, without treatment?
Why do you want to change this behavior? Explain why you picked that particular behavior or habit to change. Be sure to connect your explanation to concepts from the class (mindset, grit/willpower, stress, creativity, memory or similar topics).
What are the pros and cons for making this change?
What is your commitment? Using the Changeology system presented in class, give concrete examples or a brief explanation to support how you know you are in the psych stage of change. Describe your commitment to move forward and make this change.
Define the new you; what do you want to accomplish / who do you want to become as a result of this change?
What is motivating you to make this change?
What is your goal? It should be about you, measurable, positive, real, within your control, etc. This can be a general explanation of your goal.

Part 2: Prep

In a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced) – Thoroughly respond to the following questions (in paragraph form). Include tables, spreadsheets, or whatever method you are using to track your progress.

What is your goal? State your goal in great detail. Be sure to use a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific goal. For example, instead of saying you want to “get more sleep,” say you “want to be in bed by 11 pm six nights per week”. Explain how you know your goal meets these criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, etc.).
How will you achieve your goal? Discuss the changes you plan to make to your environment, your routine, etc.
What triggers the behavior you are wanting to change? For example, your roommate suggesting you watch TV (when you want to go to bed and get sleep).
What reinforces the behavior you are wanting to change? For example, you giving into your roommate and binging on Netflix.
When you are triggered or reinforced, how will you combat those triggers and reinforcements so you can achieve the change you desire? For example, what arrangements might you make with your roommate, how will you avoid binging on TV shows?
What support do you anticipate needing to help you accomplish your goals?
Where will you get that support / who will you include in your support system?
What is the manta, slogan, image, etc. that will inspire you? What will you do to remain mindful of this inspiration?
Make a detailed plan for the new behavior pattern you want to achieve. Create a spreadsheet or devise a system that you will use to track your progress.

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