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Complete the following study questions and exercises from the Bourgeois textbook:
Chapter 9 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 2
Chapter 10 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 1
(From Information Systems for Business and Beyond)
From Langer’s Information Technology and the Learning Organization Text book
Chapter 9 – Review the section on Virtual Teams. Explain the factors that can help, and the factors that can hurt the performance of virtual teams. Write at least one page in length.
Chapter 10 – Review the Siemens case study. What do you think are the most important actions Deasey took during his time as corporate level CIO? Justify your answer using personal experience and/or academic articles. Write at least one page in length.
Reference Source
Bourgeous, D., Smith, J., Wang. S., Mortati, J. (2019). Information Systems for Business and Beyond.
Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning. 3rd edition. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISBN: 978-1-138-23858-9
Turn in this assignment as a single Word document using headings to clearly identify your work. Use APA formatting where applicable, particular for citations and references. Do not copy and paste any text into your answers. Write in 100% original language starting from a “clean sheet of paper”, or in the case of MS Word, a blank document. Students are getting in trouble for academic dishonesty because of cutting and pasting, poorly paraphrasing, rewording and using “article spinner” websites.
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