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As promised, here is the rubric that I will be using for grading your Executive Summary , you can review the files you sent (check the sent folder in your email client) and make any corrections and be ready to upload it in BB on Thursday (come to class with the file ready to upload in Bb). Excellent Average Poor Document Elements: 80 50 5 MS Word file. Can be in any format: Infographics, text, newsletter etc. Use of Word & Excel elements: Charts/Graphs/Images/Color Word Art etc. MS Word Document submitted in creative format: Infographics, Newsletter, Text etc. Used charts and graphs to represent data from the report in a compelling format. MS Word document submitted but no creativity demonstrated Text based report with some Word & Excel elements MS Word document not submitted or Word not used to create the report Limited use of MS Word and Excel elements/objects Summary/Grammar: 10 5 1 Executive summary In Own words: Definition: An executive summary is a concise document, demonstrating the problem, findings and recommendation of a longer report. Grammar/Punctuation (MS Word tools used) Executive summary accurately and succinctly summarizes contents of report. Presents essential facts about the report, data and recommendation. Well written with no obvious errors. Executive summary introduced new ideas not in the report, but is otherwise acceptable accuracy in presenting facts One or two errors in grammar Executive summary based on the wrong report or incorrect file submitted for grading or file was not submitted as instructed Glaring/distracting errors in grammar/punctuation Source Citation: 10 5 1 Source citation to the original report provided Other credit to tools utilized: Images/Fonts (not part of MS Word or Excel), Infographics or Text Art etc. Citation was provided utilizing one of the major style guides Credit generously provided Citation was provided but elements missing Some credit provided Citation was not provided No credit provided

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