cells and cancer and sexual reproduction

cells and cancer and sexual reproduction

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When mitosis becomes pathological. Section 8.5 of the text discusses cancer cells. A web page about breast cancer (http://pathology.jhu.edu/breast/grade.php) discusses what cancerous tissue looks like under the microscope. It notes that there are certain scoring systems for determining the “aggressive potential” of a breast cancer, based on characteristics of the cells in the cancerous tissue. One factor that is considered in such scoring is the “mitotic count” — a measure of the percentage of cells that are undergoing mitosis. Based on the information presented in the textbook, what do you think would be the relationship between mitotic count and aggressive potential? Explain your answer.
Describe at least two specific ways that meiosis and sexual reproduction increase the genetic diversity of a population.
Explain why chromosome reduction is said to occur during anaphase I rather than anaphase II.

At least 120 words with references. Thanks!
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