Case Study Must follow the below directions and I will pr…

Case Study —Must follow the below directions and I will provide a template to follow for the formatting of the paper. Must be at least 6 full pages of writing that do not include the Title page and reference page. The assessment must address the spiritual, genetic, and psychosocial aspects of the individual’s behavior; ascertain if he or she is in use, abuse, or addictive cycle; and determine whether there are any co-occurring issues. Think through your readings from the textbook, the definitions of use/abuse/addiction, and treatment needs associated with the level of use. Read the case study several times, paying close attention to the information that has clinical significance (e.g., what substance he/she is using, how often, how long he/she has used, longest periods of time without use, consequences of use, etc.). Also, pay close attention to any family history provided and what is reported about the family. Are there genetic indications and environmental influences? How might the client’s spiritual condition affect recovery? Finally, you will be expected to make a referral based on your determination of the subject’s current needs. Refer to the chapters on treatment in the May and Doweiko textbooks, focusing on what you know about the client’s current use and the treatment indications of his/her use. Incorporate the Reading & Study materials from the course into this assessment paper, using strong literature support for your assessment of the client’s current issues and your referral suggestions. Strong literature support means using the course textbooks and presentations as well as any outside academic sources needed. You must have a well-established argument for treatment; this is where you need to draw from sources to explain why you are making your recommendations. The assessment paper must be 6–8 pages (in addition to the title page and the reference page). Your paper must be written in current APA format (font, margins, citations, references, etc.) and have a title page and a reference page. (An abstract is not required for this assignment.) There will be a sample paper included with the template so you understand how to write the paper. Do not copy the sample paper just use it as a guide. Jill Jill is a 25-year-old writer who grew up in Texas and started binge drinking as a teenager. She says, “I started drinking alcopops and putting spirits into bottles of pop from the age of 13. My friends and I would go to local discos or drink at our houses. I made friends with some older boys in my area and a group of us would spend our weekends hanging out at their houses and drinking from their parents’ supplies. “I think the first time I was actually drunk was when I was 14. By that age, I was able to go out clubbing and not get carded – so I was drinking heavily and regularly every weekend. It’s much stricter these days than it was 10 years ago.” Unlike many others, peer pressure was not a factor in Jill starting to drink from a young age but she admits she may have exerted it on others. “My childhood was really solid and I went to a good school with strict discipline. Peer pressure was not a factor for me at all – if anything – I think I was probably the one pressuring others! I had always had a rebellious nature. I liked to be a leader and was one of the first, if not the first girl in my year to date older boys and drink alcohol and I liked the feeling of being ahead of the others. “By 18, drinking came naturally and felt like the ‘thing that everyone did’. I always had a good tolerance of alcohol. I could drink a lot and rarely threw up. I suppose my social life revolved around drinking and the ′funny′ stories we′d remind each other of the following day. I was not aware of it at the time, but I definitely used alcohol as a social crutch – I wouldn′t go out and socialize without it.” On an average night, Jill would drink a bottle of wine before going out, followed by four or five cocktails and numerous shots, or a second bottle of wine, often losing track of how much alcohol she had actually consumed. Jill says she was lucky in that she never needed hospital treatment as a result of her excessive drinking, but she thinks alcohol is beginning to have a harmful impact on other aspects of her life. She says there seems to be more chaos in her life. She frequently gets in fights with her friends and boyfriend, but cannot remember why. She often loses her phone or keys when she is out. Sometimes she passes out and wakes up not knowing how she got home. She says more than once she has awakened in a place that she does not recognize. These recent incidents have frightened her. Jill says she needs to stop her destructive habits, but she’s not sure she needs to completely quit drinking.
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