Case Study: Jane is a 42-year-old woman who lives with her s…

Case Study:
Jane is a 42-year-old woman who lives with her supportive husband John and two children. Janes two children, Jack (13 years) and Jaquie (7 years) are aware their mother has cancer, but have not been told the specific details of her condition. The family owns a local grocery store that is well taken care of by employees. Jane was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. She experiences nausea and vomiting from time to time. A public health nurse visits Jane twice a month to monitor her progress, administers Morphine 4mg IV twice daily and provide emotional support as needed. You are her primary caregiver in her home and visit her 3 days a week to look after her personal care needs and light housekeeping.
While visiting Jane, the nurse notices that she appears to be in considerable discomfort though she denies any pain. On questioning John, the nurse learns that Jane has been found crying and holding her chest, but refuses to seek medical attention.
Please answer the following questions in short answer form regarding the case study above:
Question 1: Why do you think Jane is reluctant to seek medical attention and acknowledge her pain?
Question 2: How would you assess the severity of Janes pain?
Question 3: What non-pharmacological strategies would you implement to help relieve some of Jane’s pain?
Question 4: What strategies can you use to help Jane increase her intake?
Question 5: What could possibly be the reason for Janes nausea and vomiting? Plagiarism Free Papers
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