Case Study From a Bowenian Perspective Review Case Study: Mi…

Case Study From a Bowenian Perspective
Review Case Study: Midori (link given in the Resources).
Note: You will use this same case study at different times during this course; each time you will approach it from a different theoretical perspective.
For this discussion, review the case study and consider Midori’s situation from a Bowenian perspective. Then, respond to the following:

Who would the clinician want to attend in majority of the sessions from a Bowenian perspective? Why?
What is the role of the therapist from this perspective?
What would the assessment process look like from this perspective?
Who or what would be the target of intervention, and what would be examples of specific interventions that would be used from this perspective?
Is this a strength-based model or a deficit-based model of therapy? Explain.
What is the theory of change from this perspective?

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