case study about carnival

I will give you the background information in the attachment. Also I will show the tutor the template which will make work much easier.
1. Table of content
2.Background (Situational Analysis): Analyze the companyâ€s present position and the Mission statement. Keep this part short (about a page) to the point. (5 points)
3.SWOT Analysis:(Use chapter 3 for External Factors and chapter 4 for Internal Factors). Identify the organizationâ€s Internal Strengths and Weaknesses and identify the organizationâ€s External Opportunities and Threats. The analysis should be comprehensive. Make sure that you are thorough. Also, when presenting each part of the analysis, items should be in rank order of importance. This section should be prepared in bullet format, one full sentence for each (neither one/two words, nor a paragraph).
At Least 5 items for each of SWOT must be listed. The more and accurate ones earn more points. (20 points)
4. FINACIAL ANALYSIS: (Use your financial management text book and chapter 4 for all necessary ratios (at least 5 ratios required). Each Ratio is expected to be analyzed and explained in the following order:

The name of the ratio
The definition (Use chapter 4)
The formula
Calculation for two year period
Comparison and conclusion: Compare two year results and conclude if the latest year of the two years result is favorable or unfavorable and explain why.

(20 points)
a. Identify the central problem. (Check out the internal weaknesses and external threats). Generally the central problem is a financial problem
b. List at least 3 Symptoms of the central problem
c. List at least 3 Root Causes of the central problem
d. List Two minor problems (No symptoms no root causes required) (10 points)
6. CONSTRUCT MATRICES: Use chapter 3 (EFE and CPM matrices) and chapter 4 (IFE Matrix) for the first case study and for the second and individual case studies add one more matrix of your choice from chapter 6 matrices (15 points)
7. SOLUTIONS: Offer at least 3 solutions to the central problem. Each solution should be written in one full sentence (Neither one/two words, nor a full paragraph).
8.RECOMMENDATION: Select one out of the three solutions, which you believe is the best solution (#8 & #9. 5 points)
i. Objective: Should be specific, quantified and should have a time period to be achieved. Example: To increase food sales by 10% in two years.

ii. Strategy #1. Select a strategy from chapter 5 for the above objective.
Example: Forward Integration strategy. Include the definition.
iii. Two Tactics for the above strategy. An example: Open stores to your own manufactured products. Apple started manufacturing computers, phones, etc. and then used forward integration strategy by opening stores to sell their own products to customers.
iv. Strategy #2. Again select one strategy from chapter 5 with definition.
v. Two Tactics for the above strategy follow the example above. (15 points)
10. UPDATED INFORMATION:This is the only section of the case study that students are allowed to use materials from outside the text book resources. Offer at least three short paragraphs on recent news about the firm from Google, Yahoo, Wall Street Journal companyâ€s profile and the companyâ€s official websites.
Include the firmâ€s latest stock price and 52 week high and low. (5 points)
11. Work Cited /Bibliography (#1 , #2, & #12. All 5 points)
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