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Develop a case study scenario about a student in a K12 setting. You can use stories that you remember from past school experiences, a personal story you know about (give a fictitious name to protect the person/people), or from a news article/social media post, or one that you image. Use the case you develop to answer the 4 essential questions. The case study should be descriptive enough to provide context, less than 1 page, but more than ½ a page of description and background. The entire assignment should be no less than two pages and a maximum of 4 pages.
For example, Bridget is a 12-year-old student from a working-class family in the suburbs of a large metropolitan city. Her mother Nancy works two jobs and her father Ted is a trucker who isn’t home often. Her mother received a GED when she was 20 and her graduated from high school. During morning classes, Bridget seems unmotivated and her work quality is mediocre at best. Her work in school is more adequate in the afternoons and appears more social after lunch. Bridget is quiet and respectful student who seems among her two friends that she plays with during recess. She turns in homework on time but it is never more than half complete. She has 2 younger siblings, 6 and 8. She walks her siblings to and from school each day. You notice that if a day of school is missed for illness, Bridget and her siblings are all absent.

How would you answer the Essential Questions for Units 1-4 involving Bridget, her family and her school scenario?

Unit 1 How can a school counselor/program support Bridget’s well-being through? (e.g. use the ICOPPE Scale; Personal, Social, Collective well-being)
Unit 2 How can a school counselor/program have an impact on Bridget’s risk and protective factors for well-being (e.g. ROWS)?
Unit 3 How can a school counselor/program prioritize Wellness, Justice and Equity on behalf of Bridget?
How can a school counselor/program address implicit /explicit bias and privilege impacting Bridget’s well-being?

Use APA format. Not tittle page or abstract necessary.

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