case study 2167 – The Nursing Hub

case study 2167 – The Nursing Hub

Military Arsenal Systems: Preparing to Lead a Team (A),
Lyn Purdy and Ken Mark,
Ivey Publishing (W14584).
Key elements:

Taking responsibility for leading a troubled project

Turning a dysfunctional team into a higher-functioning team

Risk assessment
1. Describe the status of the XR16-THOR program on the day of Gibson’s departure.
What are the primary risks to the program at this point? What could prevent the
program from being completed successfully?
2. Analyze the team members that Abrams will be leading and the project
environment, including engineering, management and customers. What issues
should he be concerned about?
3. If you were Abrams, what immediate steps would you take to turn the project
around and improve the chances of success?
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