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Costco – Costco, headquartered in Kirkland, Washington has been around for almost 40 years. According to its web site,, it is “a membership warehouse club dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand named merchandise”. Costco’s operating philosophy is “Keep costs down and pass the savings on to our members”. For the fiscal year ended September 3, 2017 total sales were $126.17 billion. Recent financial results are detailed in the following link. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Today the warehouse store is one of the largest retailers in the world with over 700 locations.
In the introduction of the paper briefly describe Costco’s situation today. The paper should provide an analysis of the practices related to the items listed below that have contributed to Costco’s success. In your analysis, discuss why Costco is more successful than its competitors, the challenges Costco faces, and how is it prepared to meet those challenges. The paper must contain and actionable conclusion or direction.

Specifically, your paper must include an analysis of the principles and practices listed below:

Social Responsibility (Chapter 4)
Innovation and Change (Chapter 7)
Control (Chapter 16)
Managing Information (Chapter 17)

I will provide the chapter contents

type written, double-space, and number all pages
set margins 1” all around
use an easy-to-read type 12-point font (Calibri or Times New Roman)
business information is best conveyed in a crisp manner that only contains important background, analysis and conclusions; therefore, do not exceed 10 pages. The papers should be no less than 8 pages. Begin each topic, including the introduction and the conclusion, with a heading.

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