Carry out an individual investigation of a material used in construction.

Individual assignment 2018

Carry out an individual investigation of a material used in construction.
Look around your local area or worksite you are allowed to access and select a construction material that has a defect. The location must be in the Sydney region.
It can be a new building or an old building. Consider the following;

Properties of the material
Function of that material
Describe the defect
What is a solution Take your own photographs of the building material. You will need several clear photographs. For comparison you can use an image from the internet and compare to your photographs. Reference all sources of information. Use Google maps to show the location. Format The submission is to be in the format of a material assessment report with appropriate headings and sub-headings etc. The length of the report is 1500 words, excluding any appendices and referencing/bibliography in the number of words. Format should be A4 1.5-line space 12pt Times New Roman font. Use photos you have taken to support your study. Identify sources of all information used in your report. A consistent style is required in the report. Do not pad the report with irrelevant detail or long tables and dot points. This may lead to less marks.

Your technical report should have the following sections  Introduction Description of Material Description of the defect
 Literature to identify the defect and give technical information on the building material o Informationobtainedfromyourliteratureresearchshoulddescribewhatthe
properties of the material are, why is it used and discuss its relevant properties.
 Discussiono Discussiononinformationfoundwithopinionsdrawnfromthisinformation.Donot
base on personal opinion.
 Conclusions  References
o Referencing(Harvardmethod) Assessment Guideline

The assessment will be orientated towards the quality of your report information and the research, though due consideration will also be given to the overall quality of the discussion and writing, report presentation and formatting.
The submission of sub-standard English will either result in less marks or a request for resubmission.
A consistent writing style is required in the report.
Penalties will apply for late work, any evidence of plagiarism and collusion.

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