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The first project will be a short statistical paper (3 pages not including a reference and title page) analyzing a career of your choosing.
It can be the career you are in, hoping to break into, or one of general interest to you. Your paper will shed light on the current state of the career such as salaries, employment outlook, education requirements, geographical differences in employment outlooks, job satisfaction, a ‘day in the life’ discussion, and other statistics of your choosing. Any personal insights and experience you have to share on the career choice are also welcome.
Specifically, the paper should be double-spaced, meet APA requirements, and have:
1) A title page
2) An introductory paragraph
3) The main body of the project should be written in your own words. Quotes should used sparingly. You must use data from the BLS but you can also include data from other sources if cited correctly. You MUST create three (3) original and different types of graphs to illustrate your information but the graph must be appropriate for that data.
Examples of graphs you MAY create are:
Salaries by year
Average salary with and without a degree for that field
Comparison of salary for your career compared to the average U.S. salary
Growth of employment in your field over time
The paper should discuss the career you chose in detail and use statistics to support any claims you make about the career. The goal is to create a paper that helpfully summarizes the career choice and would give a reader an informed persceptive on it.
4) A conclusory paragraph that summarizes your paper.
5) A reference page using APA format

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