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Career Connection: Customer Satisfaction Strategy
Select a company with which you are familiar. The company should have a sales force and customer service division.
You are in charge of coming up with a customer satisfaction strategy to help the organization increase sales and customer satisfaction.
Part 1
Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word customer satisfaction strategy. In this strategy include the following:

Identify parts of the sales process that can result in improved or reduced customer satisfaction.
Examine the importance of follow up to the sales relationship. How does follow up help increase customer satisfaction?
Explain how the unhappy customer also presents opportunities within the sales process.
Determine the relationship of customer service and sales within the organization.  Does the relationship seem to support the customer?  Do sales and service appear to work together or is the relationship adversarial?
Recommend ways to change this relationship to improve customer satisfaction.
Discuss the ways this change to the service and sales relationship will benefit the organization as a whole.

Part 2
Create a script of no more than 350 words addressing unhappy customers. The cause of the unhappy customer is up to the team and can include more than one cause and the script(s) should include the following:

The script is a response to an unhappy customer.
The script includes an option for refunding or exchanging a product or service.
The script allows you to regain the customer’s trust. 

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