Capstone Course Assignment Details – Week 2 Individual Proje…

Capstone Course Assignment Details – Week 2 Individual Proje…


Deliverable Length: 3–4 pages minimum
Course Objectives:

Integrate concepts from previous lower division classes into a comprehensive project
Apply hospitality concepts to a real world scenario
Identify, analyze, and apply hospitality marketing data

You have been asked to give a preliminary presentation of your business plan to a group of investors. This initial presentation is to review your concept and deliver the strategic plan for its success. As an introduction, it does not necessarily include financial statements.

Create a Word document of 3–4 pages on your proposed business. Include the concept of the business and other particulars that would sell this idea to the investors. Explain why it would be advantageous for the investors to advance.
Include an analysis of your market and relevance to current trends.

Please submit your assignment.
You will be graded on the following:



Adherence to deliverable length, proper grammar, and APA format. Properly cites all outside sources, including demographic information.


Written as a proposal.


Clearly outlines target market.


Develops and clearly articulates hospitality concepts and describes the product/experience.


Provides documentation that the concept is on trend.




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