#1: Simulation

1) Learning Outcome: Using appropriate data from a business
simulation, determine the firm’s performance on key indicators and communicate
this assessment and recommendations for management actions

During week 1, I’ll be sending
you access codes to get into the Capsim program. You will receive one code, which works for the group
simulation and for the individual simulation.  This code allows you access
to the simulation, so if you get to a screen that says you have to pay – do NOT
pay. There is a document below that will help you log in for the first time to Capsim. If you have issues, please
call Capsim (# in Team Member guide) and
they will walk you through the screen prompts. As mentioned above part of the
simulation will be group and part with be individual.

Registration Instructions (SEE ATTACHMENT “#1” and

Please download the Capstone
Simulation Team Member Guide (SEE ATTCHMENT) and spend
some time reading it. It isn’t easy reading, so it might be a good idea to copy
it out, take a pencil and go somewhere you won’t be (more) disturbed (than

Review the CAPS794
Sim Powerpoint (SEE ATTACHMET)

2) Simulation Rehearsal Tutorial

During the first two days of this week you will
complete the short Simulation Rehearsal
Tutorial Quiz. The sooner the better as this is a fast-paced course and the
simulation is groups so don’t let your fellow colleagues down.
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