canyon trip plan writing – My Nursing Experts

canyon trip plan writing – My Nursing Experts

It can be short, like a just one page paper.
This is essentially a trip plan for a canyon that you would like to do in the future (it can NOT be done for a canyon you have already completed). You’ll need to research a canyon and gather all the pertinent information for it and put it together in a trip packet. The packet should include the information needed to actually head into the canyon—such as driving directions, hiking directions, maps needed, equipment needs, an itinerary, ideal time of year, unique concerns, permit information, emergency numbers, etc… . Be sure to cite your information sources with a reference section at the end of your packet. The intention is that you put enough information into this assignment so that you can actually go and do this canyon in the future and feel like you have the info and equipment you need for it. Here are a few internet resources that may help you with your research and below that is a list of information you should include in your plan:

Information you should include:

canyon name and location (i.e. SW Utah near MOab, Or in Zion NAtional Park…)
ACA rating (or equivelant rating if outside the USA)
canyon mileage
driving directions
hiking directions and mileage
Specific equipment needs (i.e. wetsuit, 200′ of rope, 50′ of webbing, harnesses, helmets, etc…)
estimated time from when you leave the car to when you’ll return to it
permit requirements
maps needed
emergency contact information for rescue services and who you will leave an itinerary with)
…and anything else you think important

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