Canopy Children’s Solutions ROI And Health Information Management

My practicum is at (Canopy Children’s Solutions)
this week will focus on reviewing Domain 2: Information Protection:
Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy, and Security, Once you review the
relevant material, discuss the following.

Describe the release of information (ROI) function at your practicum organization. Try to learn about and share some details pertaining to at least four or more questions listed below.

Is the release of information function outsourced or done by the facility employees?
Are the individuals who perform the ROI function credentialed? If not, are they working towards an RHIT or other credential?
What is the average volume of request the department deals with?
Does the revenue generated cover the cost?
What is the average turnaround for the ROI requests?
What is the response process when a request for ROI is received?
Is there a system used to keep track of requests and releases?
What are some of the typical reasons for ROI?
When releasing information, does the facility include information that is present in the patient’s chart from other facilities (such as a transfer record)?
Has there ever been an incident of releasing more information than needed? If so, how does the department deal with it?
What is the process of releasing information for continuity of care?
What is the process of releasing information for payment purposes?

HIPAA’s privacy and security rules establish regulations and national standards to follow for the use and protection of PHI. For example, the security rule establishes the appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to make sure that patient medical information is protected and to ensure confidentiality, security, and integrity of a patient’s health information. In this thread, demonstrate your understanding of HIPAA privacy or security rules, and share some highlights in one to two paragraphs. You can review Sayles’ textbook, McWay textbook, talk to someone at your facility, or take a look at the information available at online resources found at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) website.

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