can you please help me with this 15

         1.  How did the decision of the Marshall Court strengthen the federal government?
A. It weakened the Constitution and strengthen the states†rights.
B. None of these answers are correct.
C. It was the first time the Constitution was used to support a federal case.
D. He used and supported  the Constitution in landmark federal court cases.

2. Which of the following influenced the growth of the young nation?

A. Transportation revolution, industrialization revolution.
B. Industrialization revolution, transportation revolution, cheap labor.
C. Invention and use of new technologies.
D. All of the above are correct.

3. Who did not share in the wealth of the growing nation?

A. Those who did not in an industrial job.
B. All persons living in the Southern states.
C. New immigrants.
D. Enslaved African Americans.

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