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Ethical Sexual Expression
Introduction and Purpose of Assignment
This journal entry is an opportunity for you to define a Christian view in the area of personal relationships (premarital relationships, homosexuality, and/or the matter of divorce and remarriage) that touch us all in this day and age. It is hoped that you will gain a better understanding of the ethics involved in these area and be able to clearly express your views.

Articulate a Christian understanding of ethical sexual expression. (5.3)

Theory and Context
Sexual expression and orientation is a very focused controversial topic in the Christian community. There are expressed ideas in the Bible that discuss the disapproval of particular lifestyles based on sexual practices. Paradoxically, the Bible also states the belief in loving all. This is an ethical conundrum, religiously speaking, that is a challenging topic to discuss.
CS Lewis is a well-known Christian author and provides his thoughts on sexual morality in the following video.

Islamic worldview. (2010, January 11). CS Lewis on sexual morality, marriage and ethics ½ [Video file]. Retrieved from
1.Write a one-page journal entry that reflects a Christian viewpoint of ethical sexual expression.Refer to how this statement applies to premarital relationships, homosexuality, and/or the matter of divorce and remarriage.

You should use biblical references in support of the thoughts you are sharing.

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