can you do a very comprehensive culturally sensitive population care management plan on the roma gypsies community

Must be in PowerPoint format with appropriate images included, the template should be 1. Overview of Population Culture with includes demographics of number of individuals in that particular ROMA community age range of the population and description of the environment they live in 2. Health Disparities that need to be addressed- describe specific health Disparities that exist in describe specific health Disparities that exist in this ROMA population, describe what needs to be done now and in the future to address these Disparities, give at least 3 references 3. Use the Josepha Camphina- Bacote Cultural Competency Model when planning care to address health Disparities 4. Provide 5 strategies for eliminating health disparities and support these strategies with refrences from the literature 5. Proposed Care Management Plan and Implementation Steps 6. Organizations to consider for grant funding- provide 3 names of organizations that you can apply for grant funding to support implementing your Population Care Management plan 7. Measuring outcomes on Health Care disparity 8. Summary:provide 2-3 paragraph summary of the population,health care disparity and the need to address the ROMA POPULATION DISPARITY.
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