can you answer these interview questions

1. If a child is arguing or talking back to you, how do you respond or engage with them? (200 word max)
2. A child shows up to school sleepy. During morning activities they have a lot less energy than normal. You ask them whatâ€s wrong and they say “nothing”. An hour later you notice they are arguing with a student next to them over supplies. You go over to see whatâ€s wrong and the child yells at you to shut up and leave them alone. They then get up and start walking to the back of the classroom. You ask them to come back and they refuse. You follow the child and ask them if they want to talk about what’s bothering them or have some space to calm down first before figuring out what’s going on.
In the scenario above, is there anything else you would do? (200 word max)
3. You get a call from the parent of a 2nd grade student you teach letting you know that their child, named Robert, has begun to identify as a female and wishes to change their name to Roberta. The next day they come to school in a dress and want to share with their class that they wish to start being called Roberta. You tell the child you are happy to start calling them Roberta and recognizing them as female and ask them how they would like to share with the rest of the class.
What would like to add regarding the question above? (200 word max)

4. On a scale from 1 – 10, how well do you think standardized test results reflect how good a school is? Why? (200 words max)
5. Black students are 5x as likely to be suspended from school in Bexar County as white students and Latinx are 2x as likely. Why do you think this disparity exists? (200 word max)

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