Paper length: 6-8 (approx) double-spaced pages
Presentation: TBA
Format: Select a service-based company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research).

Basic company overview (half a page, main locations, employee #’s, net sales, etc.)
What “market” are they competing?
Who are their main competitors (think inside and outside the box/marketing myopia)?
Who are their main customers (B2B, retail consumers, end-users, etc.)?
Describe their main customers? Describe their competitorâ€s customer (if different).
Describe their primary employees (or at least the ones that typically interact w/ customers).
What services do they provide? What is the overall service experience (be descriptive)?
Is their service standard explicit or implicit?
Illustrate somehow/draw/show the service MAP (like the hotel or dry cleaner in book), donâ€t freak out, even arrows with words will suffice.
Where are there gaps (if any and most likely there are)?
How do they promote their company? Is it integrated (is it consistent across the board)?
Do they overpromise/underpromise?
How do the consumers/customers interact with the service experience?
How might the service expectations change in the coming years?
How can their business/company evolve to meet the expectation changes on the horizon?
Is this service experience a marketing differentiation and if so, is it sustainable? Why?
Anything we’ve covered in class/textbook that you’ve discovered via your research that the class and I will find interesting.

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