I just need help revising my work. Below are the teachers comments. Thank you so much in advance!

Individual Feedback:
I think you’re on the right track here, especially since your sources appear to be highly credible and useful for this topic. (Make sure that each source represents a study, not just an article on the topic). To improve your paper, here are a few things to work on: do not use quotes or citations in this paper (use your own words or explanations); in the final section (what you learned about the topic and from this research study), don’t repeat what you said in earlier sections, and try to expand upon what you learned (you can include personal experience, reflections on the topic, etc.); include more details about what each study focuses on and what the main conclusions are; include the titles of journals in section 1; use TNR 12 as the font for your paper. Hope your final draft goes well.
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