busn 470 discussion board week 8

Compose a post that integrates a complete Bible scripture verse and transcends all aspects of the following question(s) comprehensively and collectively as a single post.

-200-300 Words


1. Explain one of the following types of leadership:

  1. strategic leadership.
  2. managerial leadership.
  3. transactional leadership.
  4. transformational leadership.

2. Describe one of these organizational structures:

  1. functional structure.
  2. matrix structure.
  3. product divisional structure.
  4. geographic divisional structure.

3. Elaborate and examine one of the following:

  1. The cause of transformation and a new direction in strategy. For example, what motivates strategic change? In other words, what is an impetus for alternating plans and making modifications?
  2. The biggest kind or form of electronic commerce
  3. Dynamic and stable environments. For example, contrast the two environments, showing similarities and differences.
  4. “Clicks and bricks”


  • Supporting your argument (intext citing shows this)
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion
  • a reference at the end
  • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice, 5th Edition, (Solon, OH: Academic Media Solutions, 2017) John A. Parnell (Online eTextbook Access Card: ISBN 978-1-942-04128-3)
  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap–and Others Don’t, 1st Edition, (New York, NY: Harper Business, 2001) James Collins (ISBN-13: 978-0066620992)

Read: Parnell Chapter 12

Collins Chapters 8 & 9

View Videos = Copy/Paste the URL unto your browser:

A 1985 fire at a soccer stadium in Bradford City, United Kingdom underscores the importance of crisis management, both in terms of preparation and real time action. 56 people died and another 265 were injured.


Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. This video discusses Union Carbide’s Bhopal famous disaster in 1984, including causes and long-term effects.



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