Business Problem Solving Assignment

Using the four steps to effective problem solving (as outlined in the reading), solve the problem you are assigned below:

If your last name begins with A through B – As an employee at Target, I witness a friend of mine shoplifting. What should I do? Why?
If your last name begins with C through G – My recent paycheck was $150 more than it should have been. What should I do? Why?
If your last name begins with H through M – During an exam in my Introduction to Business course, the professor left the room for a few minutes. While he/she was gone, three students began comparing answers. What should I do? Why?
If your last name begins with N through Z – My boss always leaves one hour before I am scheduled to leave. Should I leave shortly after my boss or at my scheduled end time? Why?

Create a Word document that clearly defines the four steps used in problem solving.
Step 1: Define the problemStep 2: Narrow the problemStep 3: Generate solutionsStep 4: Choose the solution
Your responses should be written in complete sentences, using proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. After reviewing your document, upload it using the link above. The assignment is worth 20 points (5 pts. for each step).
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