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Write a 2 to 3-page paper (double spaced – size 12 font) from a sport business perspective on how an on-campus football stadium or new sports facility impacts florida atlantic university (FAU). Your report should touch on some of the topics discussed in class (discussion threads) and any upcoming class topics (e.g. Sport Finance, Sponsorship, Sport Marketing, Media Relations, etc.). Find articles and information that are relevant and informative. Support your opinions or conclusions with facts, figures, and/or quotes. If you use exact figures or quotes, you must cite where you found the information and provide a comment or opinion in regard to the quote. You should have a works cited page to reference any information or direct facts/figures you may have used in your paper. You must provide a professional sport business style analysis to receive credit.
The assignment is open ended because your paper needs to show some creative thinking, effort/stretch, and an application of the course material on your part. Please refer to the grading rubric for information on how your paper will be graded.
Late reports will not be accepted, no exceptions. You may turn your paper in earlier than the due date.
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