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According to Kirk (2016), most of your time will be spent working with your data. The four following group actions were mentioned by Kirk (2016):Data acquisition: Gathering the raw materialData examination: Identifying physical properties and meaningData transformation: Enhancing your data through modification and consolidationData exploration: Using exploratory analysis and research techniques to learnYour response will include a pretend project/initiative/effort that does require data to be used as an objective. You will first provide 3-5 sentences describing this effort. You will then describe the actions that would be performed for each group.This example is very high level that would not earn any points, but will be a general idea that cannot be used and must be expanded in your response:My project is related to the Widget Company. Our company manufactures widgets and we want to increase revenue.Data acquisition: Copy all data from internal company sources to my working database.Data examination: List all files and description of content including dates and field descriptions.Data transformation: Modify all dates to be presented as MM/DD/YYYY.Data exploration: Multiple filters used on data to determine gaps, went to library.Upto 550 words plus references.Reference: Kirk, A. (2016). Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (p. 50). SAGE Publications
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