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February 17, 2018
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Business Essay on Intel's currently developing PRODUCT Wi GiG technology

Enterprise Management for Computer Scientists
According to recent news reports1, Intel is currently developing Wi GiG technology that allows
desktop computers to be wirelessly connected to peripherals such as Monitors, SDIO etc using a
high frequency wireless data system.
Your task is to analyse the external business environment using the Porter’s Five Forces tool in
order to assess the attractiveness of the appropriate industry. The time frame is up to 5 years
into the future.
Your task is to look specifically at the opportunity from the perspective of INTEL that intends to
launch this new product. Using the Porter’s Five Forces tool, analyse the attractiveness of the
industry. INTEL has significant strengths and experience in producing chips so your task is to
determine the FOUR biggest barriers that the company would face and suggest ways in which
the barriers may be overcome or how the forces can influenced by INTEL to mitigate them.
Please note, this is a business report and therefore should focus on business related issues
rather than technological ones. The report should steer away from detailed technical analysis,
it is not required.
Your conclusions should draw on the information presented to provide recommendations
including potential opportunities and threats in the industry you have chosen.
Report Structure


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