Business Cycle economics homework help

Business Cycle economics homework help

1.Please post a well-thought-out question about subject matter relating to this week’s topics and current events to the discussion board based on the 2 attached powerpoints

Provide a brief answer to the following questions:

1)  What is a Business Cycle?

2)  How a length or depth of a Business Cycle is measured?

3)  What are the four phases of a Business Cycle?

4)  What is Seasonal Unemployment?

5)  What is Frictional Unemployment?

6)  What is Structural Unemployment?

7)  What is Cyclical Unemployment?

8)  What is the Natural Rate of Unemployment?

9)  How Unemployment Rate is determined?

10)  What is Participation Rate?

11)  What is Inflation?
12)  What is Demand Pull Inflation?

13)  What is Cost Push Inflation?

14)  What is Expectational Inflation?

15)  What is Rational Expectation?

16)  What is Adaptive Expectation?

17)  What is Philips Curve? What are the differences between Short Run and Long Run Philips curve?

18)  Who are Activist Economics?

19)  Who are Non-Activist Economics?

20)  What is Crowding Out?

21)  What is Liquidity Trap?

22)  What is Natural Rate of Unemployment?

23)  Provide a brief contrast between Activists and Non-Activist economists.

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