Briefly explain the meaning of strategic leadership of human…

Briefly explain the meaning of strategic leadership of human…

Assignment 1
Task 1. Briefly explain the meaning of strategic leadership of human resources. Why is this important to a principal? What would this look like in practice? Use your readings and other resources to support your response.
Task 2. Based on the policies you have read; do you believe that the development and implementation of policy is important to acquiring and leading human resources on your campus? Briefly explain why or why not?

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Task 3. Interview a principal, based on questions in tasks 1 and 2. Take notes, as needed. Write at least a half page reflection on what you learned from your interviews, discussing any differences, additions, or confirmations that were discovered. Interviews can be held face—to—face, by phone, Skype, or other accessible platform. (It is not required that the principal you interview, work in your school district).
Task 4. Based on DAA (LEGAL), a district should not discriminate against an employee,
based on a set of protected categories. In addition, this policy also states that a district has a duty to maintain a working environment free of harassment. In your role as principal, discuss how you would ensure compliance with both aspects of this policy. Why are they both an important part of your leadership? How could adherence to this policy, or lack thereof, impact your campus culture?
A new principal of a high school begins to review the campus master schedule and notices that there are several teaching vacancies that must be filled. He calls a staff meeting and discloses this information to the staff, in order to inform them that he is working to resolve classroom—overcrowding issues. Later on that day, the principal discussed with his campus administrative team that the current staff appears to be aging, and he would like the interview committee to focus on hiring younger staff members in order to invigorate the environment. Based on this, he advises the team to pay close attention to younger candidates, or those likely to be younger candidates, when reviewing applicants. One of the staff members states that she has the perfect candidate; however, she thinks that he may have been engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a minor, which was in violation of the law. Despite this, she ensures everyone that the applicant is a very good person. The principal proceeds to prepare the posting, and submits the necessary forms for approval. The district posts the vacancy on the district website. Being that there is a preferred candidate, the principal suggests filling the vacancy in the next 5 days.
Based on your knowledge of policy, list some of the concerns with this principal’s actions. Refer to the specific policy that supports your concern. Briefly explain how would you address the ethical concerns and decision making in this scenario.
Task 6: Policy Scenario 2
A teacher at an elementary school observes a large bruise on one of her student’s arm. She immediately asks the student if he is ok. He says yes, and responds by saying that he fell off of his bike. Later that day, the teacher over hears the student telling his friend that a relative, who stays at his home, hits him every day for no reason. The teacher informs you, as the principal, of this. How should you advise the teacher? Support your decision using policy. As a campus principal, what would you do to ensure that your campus staff is cognizant of the reporting requirements related to abuse? Why is this important?
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