Briefly explain the importance of the time value of money an…

Order InstructionsIn this assignment include:Executive summary,Business description,Short explanation of the importance of the time value of money, andThe four basic financial statements.
Executive SummaryThe executive summary is the first and one of the most critical parts of a business plan. It provides an overview of what the business plan will cover.
Include the following in your executive summary:
mission statement,products or services you offer, andwhy you started the business.
Business DescriptionThe business description should include the following:
type of entity (e.g., a sole proprietorship, or an LLC) and name of the company;information regarding the industry your company will serve;your team experience in the industry;business goals (two long-term and two short-term plans);product or services;target customer;trends and major competitors; andwhat will set your company apart from the competition.
Time Value of MoneyBriefly explain the importance of the time value of money and how you would use it to maximize profit for your company.
Financial ToolsCreate the four key financial statements, and explain the importance of each for your company. Refer to the examples in your text, and research similar companies online. Remember this is a start-up company and may not have a lot of resources. The main consideration is adding the right information for each of the financial statements.Identify three critical ratios that are important to review.
No abstract or title page is needed at this time. You must use at least two sources. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. Plagiarism Free Papers
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