Briefly examine the reasons for U.S. entry into the First Wo…

Briefly examine the reasons for U.S. entry into the First Wo…

Briefly examine the reasons for U.S. entry into the First World War. For this assignment:

Write IN (1 PAGE that discusses the reason for U.S. forces to enter WWI.
Note both long-term trends and immediate catalysts.
Address the the performance of the army and the navy in the war and describe the ways in which the United States financed, directed, organized, supplied, and supervised the war effort.
Include an analysis of the affect of World War I on the home front. Note its effect on workers, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and women through the immediate postwar years.

This assignment should be in current APA Style with both a title page and a reference list that includes all of the sources used. At least two scholarly sources should be used (your textbook can be one of the sources).
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