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Read the article “UK lawmakers OK Johnson’s Brexit bill, pave way to exit EU” by Jill Lawless. The article is available at:
2. ARTICLE FOR INFORMATION ONLY (Do not analyze this article!!):
For additional information on Brexit, it is recommended that you read “What Is Brexit? A Simple Guide to Why It Matters and What Happens Next” located at
3. After you have read the Lawless article, answer the following three questions:
1) Provide a brief summary of main points of the “UK lawmakers” article. (Approximately 150 words)
2) Identify and discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of Johnson’s Brexit bill. How does the advantage and disadvantage you have identified relate to what you have learned in “Refresher Notes #3”? Be sure to include specific terms and concepts from Refresher Notes #3 in your answer. (Approximately 250 words)
3) What impact do you think Brexit and Johnson’s Brexit bill will have on the trade relationship between the United States and the U.K.? Explain your answer. (Approximately 100 words)

*** Answer each question in a separate paragraph. Please number the question you’re answering.
*** Answer all questions in a narrative format using complete sentences. NO BULLETS OR NUMBERED LISTS!!! Points will be deducted for using a bulleted/numbered list format.
*** The paper should be single-spaced, approximately 500 words (total) excluding the title page and questions.
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