Book review Amanda Ripley s The Unthinkable psychology homework help

Amanda Ripley’s The Unthinkable
In this book, journalist Amanda Ripley explores how we react in a disaster and why. She also discusses how we can better prepare ourselves for survival when faced with the unexpected. Use the following questions as potential starting points for discussion. You don’t have to answer them sequentially or even answer all of them
1.Reflect on this book and how it impacted you. What was surprising? What was confirming?
2.Did anything you read influence you in the present or in terms of what you will do (or not do) in the future?
3.What did you learn about how people react in a disaster event? Did anything surprise or fascinate you?
4.If you could share one thing with a loved one or peer, what would it be?
5.Feel free to share anything further that was impactful for you –
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