Body composition could influence physical performance

1. Discuss the ways in which body composition could influence physical performance consider various scenarios such as low lean mass, high body fat, low body fat.2. Outline a healthy way to make body composition changes.3. Explain the effects of exercise on body composition.4. You are a coach of a collegiate soccer team. One of your players has returned from the off-season noticeably leaner. The player mentions they have been focusing on eating healthy and training for the season and they are frustrated they haven’t seen improvements they were hoping too, despite all their hard work. Without knowing much more what would some of your concerns be about this situation? How would you handle this?5. What are the typical components of an exercise training session? Give a brief description of each component.6. Discuss the effect physical activity has on the modifiable risk factors for the following conditions:a. Blood lipid profileb. Hypertensionc. Obesityd. Diabetes7. You have been asked to design a beginner level aerobic training and strength training program to improve general health and wellness for a friend with no risk factors. What would prescribe for aerobic training and strength training to begin? After some time, how might you program progression for your friend?8. Describe the following: Detraining, periodization, interval training The post Body composition could influence physical performance appeared first on nursing writers.
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