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DB #1:Select a recent professional/business or personal experience to illustrate the planning/control cycle. Using the planning/control cycle, analyze your experience. Make sure to apply each aspect of the cycle to your experience. – please refer to DB #1 planning and control cycle attached (2 documents)DB #2: What is Organizational culture and why should business managers be concerned with it? Choose one of the four types of Organizational Culture to analyze your current or a past workplace. Give specific examples.  – please refer to attached DB #2 attachments (3 documents)DB#3:The textbook identifies five distortions in perception (pg. 220). Each of these perception distortions can influence our ability to manage and lead effectively and fairly. Discuss and explain one of the distortions in perception and how it can negatively impact others and the workplace. How can you use this information to create greater level of collaboration as a manager and a leader? Give examples.  – Please refer to attachment DB #3 (5 documents)DB#4: What is organizational control? Give a brief explanation and example for each of the six areas of organizational control – Please refer to attachment DB #4 (3 documents)DB #5: Productivity matters because it determines whether the organization will make a profit, break-even or lag the market. How do managers influence productivity? See section 16.7 of your textbook for reference.  – Please refer to DB #5 for Section 16.7 (4 documents)
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