BFS and DFS Navigation in Java Part 2

BFS and DFS navigation part 2
1 .- the user select the number of Nodes he wants <=15
2 .- with 0 and 1 he builds the adjacent matriz
3 .- Display it ( the adjacent matriz )
4 .- Display the adjacent list 
5 .- Build the GUI with 2 buttons 
one for BFS Navigation
one for DFS Navigation
6 .-  Display Navigation with the color
7. – When a parent node is being visited paint it black and in a queue display it part (call the queue by exemple visiting)
and their children paint gray
8. – After being visited send the node to another queue (call it visited for example)
9. – And a node visited paint it red
NB I provide an example with files i uploaded check it ! only missing the queues and the color changes !

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