Beverage Service Operations management Week 4 Individual Project 1 help


Deliverable length: Receiving policy (400–600 words)
Course Objective(s):

Identify the legal requirements of bar operations.

You are the food and beverage director of a 350-room independent hotel with three dining outlets and banquet operations. You are updating the hotelâ€s standard operating procedures manual. Focusing on the cost control cycle, your next step in this project is to revise your policy on wine receiving, storage, and issuing. 

In 200–2500 words, detail your receiving procedures for wine; provide a detailed outline of the proper storage conditions for the long-term storage of wine; and describe the process for requisitioning and issuing wine to the bar or restaurant.
Be sure to include purchasing policies that have to do with legal regulations concerning the purchase of alcohol, such as record-keeping requirements, where alcohol may be purchased, and the legally required receiving standards.

Choose one of the following states:


Address whether your chosen state is a license or control state and how that affects your purchase of alcoholic beverages.
Be sure to incorporate specific legalities of your chosen state.

Your policy should be professionally written and formatted, and it should be ready to be inserted into your hotelâ€s standard operating procedures manual.

Please submit your assignment.
You will be graded on the following:

Individual Project Grading Rubric

Format: Adherence to deliverable length, proper grammar, and APA format.


Content: Content meets requirements and is an obvious response to the assignment details.


Support: Ideas are supported with examples and evidence.


Knowledge: A clear understanding of course material is demonstrated.


Accuracy: Information is accurate with no factual errors.


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