Benchmark-Early Childhood Classroom Environment Plan

For this benchmark, students will demonstrate best practices for development of a healthy, supportive, and challenging environment for learning, which embraces the diversity and characteristics of your students, addresses their interests and special needs, and includes families as partners.
Select an age group or grade from Birth to Age 8/Grade 3.
Create a 1,250-1,500 word handbook for families that describes your Early Childhood Classroom Environment Plan for the selected age group or grade. Be creative and include the following sections:

Procedures, Rules with Consequences, and Reward System
Classroom Dynamics including expected Teacher and Student Interactions
Academic Play, Classroom Schedule, and Transitions
Classroom Elements that will support a Positive Learning Environment for all Students
Family Involvement
Managing Conflicts and Challenging Behaviors

Write 250-500-word reflection on how the feedback from your classroom teacher and the collaboration with your Collaborative Learning Community effected the development of your plan to create a healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environment for young children.
Use 3-5 scholarly resources.
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