Based on our discoveries, we gathered data related to housin…

Based on our discoveries, we gathered data related to housing and families within the county and the physical environment of Chesterfield County, Va.Percentages of Households with Children
Upon looking at the number of households, it is noticeable that the majority of the families in this county are married with children within Chesterfield County, Vathere are more single female family households with children than single male family households with children living in Chesterfield County, VaThe percentage of married family households with children in Chesterfield County, Va are greater than the married family households in both Virginia and the United StatesHousing CostsCost- Burdened Households- The housing cost is 30% or more of the total household income
Housing costs in Chesterfield County, Va are more affordable when compared to Virginia and the United States housing expensesHousing QualityThe number and percentage of owners and renters that have housing with at least one of the following conditions: 1) lacking complete plumbing facilities, 2) lacking complete kitchen facilities, 3) 1 or more occupant per room, 4) Selected monthly owner costs as a percentage of household income greater than 30%, 5) Gross rent as a percentage of household income greater than 30%
Chesterfield County, Va has better housing quality compared to Virginia and the United StatesPhysical EnvironmentThe physical environment in which a community lives is another aspect that determines its health. SparkMap’s data on Chesterfield County includes air/water quality, built environment (broadband access, liquor stores, recreation/fitness facility access), climate and health (drought severity), and food environment (fast food, food deserts, grocery stores, SNAP-authorized food stores) as subcategories under physical environment.Broadband access and liquor stores may not be in one’s first idea of a measure of a community’s health, however, broadband access shows what percentage of people have access to high-speed internet, a modern day necessity. Similarly, data on liquor stores “provides a measure of environmental influences on dietary behaviors and the accessibility of healthy foods.”Of the aforementioned categories, Chesterfield County ranked poorly (as compared to the state of Virginia and entire United
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