base on the requirement find one peer reviewed article about…

Parameters: 1. select a peer reviewed article (published within the past 6 yrs.) related to geriatrics and the field of kinesiology (i.e. sarcopenia, cognition, quality of life), 2. prepare a 15 min. article analysis presentation (may be presented live on zoom or a youtube video that we can watch in class and ask questions) discussing the article. You can work alone or in groups of 2.
Article analysis question(Make it as a powerpoint, like a presentation)
1. Summarize the background (from introduction) in 5 sentences or less.
2. Identify the specific questions.
1. How was the purpose/problem addressed in this article? Identify the approach.
Results & Discussion
1.Write one or more paragraphs to summarize the results for each experiment, each figure, and each table. Donâ€t yet try to decide what the results mean, just write down what they are.
2.Do the results answer the SPECIFIC QUESTION(S)? What do you think they mean?
3.What do the authors think the results mean? Do you agree with them? Can you come up with any alternative way of interpreting them?
4. Do the authors identify any weaknesses in their own study? Do you see any that the authors missed? (Donâ€t assume theyâ€re infallible!)
5. What do they propose to do as a next step? Do you agree with that?
6. How could the gerontologist practitioner use these findings?
Once you have answered these questions, please post the word (or pdf) document here.
Remember, answers to each question should be CONCISE.
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