Barriers to International Trades

ASSIGNMENT: Barriers to International Trade

At the bottom are the links to the readings and videos to see in order to work on this assignment. There is one attached as well.
There are many ways that nations can create a competitive advantage, and not all of them are naturally occurring. The strategic use of trade barriers can create an artificial import defect or inflate export figures through manipulation of currency and regulations. In this increasingly interdependent world, the question of whether trade barriers should exist may well now be one of “which ones are the most effective at achieving our goals as a nation.”
Among cries of “protectionism” world leaders are reducing international trade estimates as we speak. The link below will take you to a brief article and interview with Robert Azevedo, Director General of the WTO in an interview on September 6th on CNBC. After you have read the brief article and watched his interview, you will be ready to start your assignment this week.
1. Select a type of Trade Barrier from the list below.

Import/Export licenses
Import quotas
Local Content Requirements
Voluntary Export Restraints
Currency devaluation

Locate one LEGITIMATE article that addresses your Trade Barrier. This article should be NO MORE than 12 months old.
Write a ONE PAGE summary of the key points made in the article, making sure to identify or define any information that may be unclear. Be sure to include your source for the article. Submit this as the written portion of your assignment.

Part two : As a discussion post (about 300words), briefly describe your article and the trade barrier it discusses.
Be sure to focus your discussion on the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of Trade Barriers.


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