background history section of a research paper

Complete research and writing of history/background section of your literature review. Follow APA guidelines for formatting text, citations and references. This length of this section should be 4-5 pages.
Background/History (Do not simply use this title – create one particular to your topic)
This section should present a brief, but inclusive history of the topic under research. Alternatively, this section could present background information about the topic being researched with particular emphasize on elements that are directly related to your research.
â–ª Include subheadings here – relevant to your topic and in a coherent order.
Research Methods
Grading Rubric for Literature Review
Content appropriate for topic
Content is Current
Content is Relevant
Content reflects Senior Level College Research Material
Presentation of content is clear
Content is organized with cohesive paragraphs (includes a topic sentence for each paragraph)
Uses proper spelling and grammar
Format – APA
Uses proper Margins
Uses Times New Roman Font
Uses Double Spacing
Uses proper Paragraph headings
Uses APA format for Cover Page
Uses Correct Page numbering
Citations and References
***Missing citations and references may be considered plagiarism
Cites all relevant information
Includes all references
Uses APA format for citations and references
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